Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club Talent Auction

Today the ladies and I auctioned off our talent! We raised over $5,000. I auctioned off two batches of handmade cards for $50 each.... Then spent way more buying other talents! I love these ladies! They have hearts of gold

Here is a photo of Mackenzie ... pouring herself a drink after all her hard work!
Gabriella cannot wait to be old enough to join!  She still can work hard though.. could not have pulled off this great day without her!

Bonnie Sharp, Pat Loncarich, JanSchweser, Lisa Crowley, Sue Martinez... my crew that made this day possible!

I slipped is the picture too!

Arlene Silvas was showing off Sue's handmade necklaces and she sold them all... I was lucky enough to get one!

Barb Ellul our Auctioneer with "Vanna White" oops I mean Bonnie Sharpe!

This Tinkerbell print was one of our popular items.. donated by Barb!  Thanks!

Lisa was willing to be our fashion model for all accessories!  Great model! She boosted sales!

Kay Abreu made five of these towels Gabriella won the cupcake one on her right!

 Negotiating the sales ... very serious business!

Phyllis Schur & Gerre Johnston are two of the sweetest women you will meet. Not only are they very charitable in service, they are big bidders too!
Joan Ernst & Lois Boggs sold tickets, and assigned the numbers!  Great job ladies!

We had a great selection of flowers and plants!

Virginia Castillo donated the queen size quilt, and pillow shams!
Thank You! 

Bonnie and Barb in action... clearing tables as I took the money!

Lisa Crowley wanted these pictures for her daughter... she made Mackenzie so happy!

Gabriella stole my phone and started making Instgram posts about how she loved me! Silly lil goofball!
Clean Up requires every last drop! Thanks for taking some for the team Bonnie!

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