Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 48th Birthday Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club

As you can see I did not capture this photo the right direction... But the cake was yummy and beautiful!
48 years of service is very special! Any amount of time spent making an impact on your community is a job well done... These ladies are just a small portion of a large organization of women that have changed lives!!
Meetings always include a catered lunch... Today our lunch was stuffed bell peppers! Yummy!

Check out these ladies... Past club presidents and influential volunteers!!
Janna and Barb... Still work full time and serve our community full time! I can only hope to be as well loved as these two.

Charlotte... one of the women I look up to most!  Hard working, and supportive of me and my aspirations!  Anyone that can put up with my energy deserves a medal!


Patty, Bonnie and Linda!  Love, Love, Love you!  Always smiling, always serving and always supportive!

Sheryn our president, Carol our parliamentarian, and Shirley our Secretary are taking their turns at the sign up sheets! We are so organized that we already have sheets out for next year!


Love these ladies!

When you need something done without attitude and with a smile its Fay and Sue you must ask!
Very hard workers and soft hearts!

Check out Doris... she is recovering from a major surgery and radiation and she still shows up to keep us all happy!

Bonnie dear, I know you will be pleased I caught you with a mouth full!

Mackenzie and Joy are ready to eat!

Lois and Sally... look at that lunch... YUMMO!

Look.. I got money!! LOL> a refund from the Talent Auction supplies I purchased!

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