Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paula's Party

Do I want this night to start or what?? The tables are set, the make n takes are ready... Just waiting for my recruit and her friends to arrive so she can have a successful big night! Thank you to my friends and customers that are coming out to support her! We will have loads of fun!

Here are the samples of Paula's Make n Take

Here is Samara and Charlotte... Mom and daughter are to beautiful for words!  Sweet lil pumpkin hung in all night being her Mom's Good Luck Charm!

Roll those dice MIA!!!

I am documenting my baby bunko.. and Ingrid is fitting right in with all of us!  Welcome to our chaos!

Treva and Samara are so adorable!  Love that they met and it was not even through me!  There is a whole story about the six degree's of Treva... I will have to share some day!
Marie and Vickie... characters and these ladies traveled around a lot!

Mia and Marie... love these ladies... when I told them that Paula was joining my team they were both over the moon joining her in her night of fun!
Jamilla was paying attention... I caught Mia's sassy side!!! 

Angie, Renee and one of Paula's friends getting ready to roll!
Paula's daughter, and her son's girlfriend Aly!  Two beautiful ladies out to support their mother!

Paula and her daughter in law and I forget the other gal's name but she was beautiful and had the personality to boot!

Charlotte and her aunties... that girl is loved!
Stacie and Stephanie are two of my original customers... these two are very creative and deserve a few posts just showing off their talents! 
Check these ladies out... they made their cards, ate some appetizers and are ready to play BUNCO!

Here was another card made by a guest... some used ribbon some did not no matter how you made them they were very pretty!
If you would like to know how you can have this much fun with 20 of your girlfriends (more or less) then contact me to schedule a BUNCO... and if you want to enjoy the benefits like Paula did tonight... 30% off her entire order!  Then contact me ... there is a special for $99 this month you can get an addition $30 in product for your kit! That equals $156 total!!
I had fun!  I am very excited for Paula ... her party was worth the wait... as she was the last of my three new team members to have her first show.  I know the ladies will enjoy their journey!

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