Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of School

Today my younger two went back to school. Gabriella starts 9th grade and her first day of High School! Matthew begins 5th grade... Look out teacher his three best buddies are in his class! Daddy went back to his real job today (he had been traveling for work, attending schools, training for Urban Shield and vacationing) after almost a month away from his job.
Mackenzie is celebrating her last long hair day before the big CHOP! Which leaves Kylie and I to craft and play!

I sent thank you cards out today for my wonderful vacation home... Thank you to all of the family that blessed us! Plus I had to thank those special people in my life that gift me with true friendship... Far or near... They are always there for me on my Lil milestones of life. Lest I forget the teachers.. I big thank you goes out to all the wonderful adults that mold and shape out children! 

Here is Matthew... he was take the picture already!

Gabriella and DADDY!

Matthew and Kylie!

My Thank YOU card sample!

Mackenzie and her long hair... tune in later this week for a short picture!

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