Monday, August 5, 2013

Hubby's Stuck in Salt Lake City

So my hubby has been driving cross country to bring home a Bearcat. A vehicle needed for his job. Yesterday, the air conditioning broke and so he had to drive to Salt Lake City for repairs.  He started in Massachusetts and was in Wyoming when it decided to break down.

I am having a hard time not asking him to do all the sightseeing I missed while I was there for convention.  Seriously I was so thrilled to meet ladies and talk shop I never saw anything further than the street between my hotel and the convention center.

So just in case he checks out my Blog...  here are the places I want him to visit for me:
Family History Library
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Natural History Museum of Utah
Clark Planetarium

*** I would ask him to stop by the Riverton office, Stampin' Up's Headquarters...
I would be super jelly if he got in without me!***

Then again he could help pack my two pending orders for me!
Who would get them here sooner?
The hubby or UPS???
Better not jinx this pit stop!


1 comment:

  1. Hopefully he can stop at your requests, lol! I would if I was there definitely.