Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm So Grateful

I do not always tell my husband thank you... Or I love you enough.  He provides a warm, safe, and loving home for our family... With little complaint.  Lately, he has been busy working and still has found time to work on our garden.  I am thankful he has the patience for the sprinkler system because it's a difficult task. We brought home asparagus plants from our trip home to Washington.  He took such care transplanting them into our garden... And I am ever so grateful for his green thumbs.

In two weeks we celebrate 14 years of marriage... It feels like yesterday that he charmed my heart, met my sweet lil Mackenzie and was head over heals in love and support of us both.  So I plan on thanking him daily, and leaving him notes of endearment. He has helped me become the woman and mother I am... And is my best friend and number one fan. I don't know why he loves me so, but he does and like him I was a smitten kitten at first glance and hope the next fourteen years are as wonderful as these!

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  1. Ahhh so sweet! You are a cute couple. Love that card.