Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just Because

I have a long list of thank you's, and Just because cards to make.  Gabriella had a birthday that was overly blessed so a few thank you's are in order there. I am surrounded by some amazing friends that need to get a reminder of how awesome they are,,, Just Because. 

This card was inspired by many cards I came across these past few months... I believe one is even on a SU postcard.  I love the Modern Medley Designer Series Paper.  The Elegant Butterfly Punch is a favorite too, I love how the shape is so real.

Why should you give a person a card just because? Because you can! 

Here is a list of reason's why I think you should give out a handmade card ...  And Just Because .. I have included my list too!

1.   Sometimes someone needs to know how awesome they are.
2.  All my fellow Holiday Fantasy Committee ladies... Endless volunteer hours for our community!
3. Jeneanne at the Marriott in San Ramon.  The best event coordinator EVER!
4.  Our new Veterinarian and her staff. ( we will be seeing a lot of them).
5.  Parents,  that unconditional love needs to be rewarded!
6.  In Laws??? Yes, they too are awesome check out the cute guy they made for you?
7.  My downline... My sideline... My upline.... And my customers... They inspire me daily!
8.  My hairdresser because I am low maintenance and for a few days she makes me ROCK!
9.  My downline I know I have said it before ... But mine are special!
10.   Friends you have not seen lately, friends that need a hug from afar, friends that lift you up!
11.  Anyone that you know would get a kick out of a handmade card from you!
12.  The parents of the kids I nanny.  They made the cutest lil angels ever... Besides my three blessings. 

 ** I could go on... But you get the point. Send out a card today, slip one in a friends purse, leave one on a desk... Just Because!


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