Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sweet 16

Sending out Happy Sweet Sixteen wishes to my friend Jaycie Smith! 
Jaycie is the daughter of my friend Taira and they are pretty special people! 
Taira is an awesome mom! 
Jaycie has been through a very crazy  journey in life
so this milestone makes her a true hero and champion!
 May all your dreams come true my dear!

So you may have noticed that I did not make any posts Friday or Saturday!
Saturday was another craft fair for the Women's Club.... pictures to follow next week as we have three more to attend!
I will start with the end of my night...
then work backwards so you can measure how blessed and full my day was...
 and then maybe excuse me for hitting my pillow hard without sharing my blessings!
So Friday Anita had the second of two surgeries
and I intended to drive out to Manteca to deliver her some Chinese food
 from our favorite restaurant Hong Kong Chinese. 
I had called ahead and Elainie was expecting me..
it was around 7pm...
there was traffic and I had to make one stop...
She and I have been ordering in bulk and altering 4oz coffee cups
and I was dropping another 300 off to her! 
 I only intended to drop and run....
  But as you can see she had a Stampin' Up Bird Welcome Mat...
I needed to know where to get mine...
and her door was open so into her home I traveled
 and was inspired to take many sample photos and have her share some great tips!
(Photos to come later this week). 
 She has recently lost her brother to that jerk of a disease cancer
and she shared an amazing story of her families faith in the Lord
 and how he is carrying them through this difficult time. 
I was so enthralled with her love of God and his love for her,
and me and her brother that I was smitten with this side of Beverlee. 
 Loads of love has always been my description of her and creative as all get out! 
She was extra blessed in that department...
but I really look up to her and to hear her story and share with her how I feel and to grow in that moment was quite spiritual.
~Insert a text of worry from Anita and Tom "Are you ok?"~
So I hurry out the door say my goodbyes and guess what...
I had left my lights on and my car battery died!
So Ken... Beverlee's hubby comes out and tried to get me going.
No luck, I called Matt and he headed to the auto store
and then made the 40 minute drive to rescue me.
Which brings me again to the wonderful "Stampin' Up Bird Welcome Mat".
I had at least an hour to spare and Beverlee knew I was now in awkward spirits not knowing what was going on with my car.
So she suggested we head to Orchard Supply to find the welcome mat.
I did not only buy one.. I bought two.. .
they were 50% off.
Spending any time with Beverlee is inspiring....
everywhere she looked she was thinking how she could
turn the item into something more her.
To watch her mind work is a wonder!
She is very talented.

*** If you hurry to Orchard Supply these are on clearance.. they are considered harvest decorations...

So now let me share about my morning/afternoon! 
I had a lunchtime tea party with a neighbor girl and all the kids I babysit came too!

On Fridays I normally watch Max!
He is a sweetie and a real 4x4 boy!
Here Max is enjoying his organic chicken meatballs and his fruit salad with cheese and pickles... he crushed his coffee/tea cup.

This is Ellie... I was lucky enough to have her join us too..

Here is my Lillie... she loaded up on the meatballs and loved her bling...

It was a morning that I forgot to turn off the sprinklers so the lawn was really wet. 
I put down the tarp and we continued our party plans. 
These kids are troopers and they had a good time despite the wet lawn!
Here is Sandra my friend and neighbor... her lil angel Abbey would not let me capture her on film.. she instead was walking the perimeter and taking potty breaks...
big girl on the potty!!
Whoot! WHoot!
Kylie joined us too.. but she was so excited to see her friends she just watched and played! 

I could not capture these two cuties looking at me, they were go, go, going but they were so adorable and did you notice I had Max wear Dog Tags because I could not put him in the necklaces... he loved his tags!
So now you can see that Friday was a FULL day and I did not get any Stampin' done... but I had tons of inspiration!

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