Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Resolutions... Bring on 2014!

How many of you can look back and see the rollercoaster of life and say:
that you enjoyed the ride,
 learned a few lessons,
and had so much fun that you had your hands up in the air?
I have to admit that I took inventory of the year...
 there were so many accomplishments and achievements in our home.
I also found I have to take responsibility for so much more...
my actions, my words, my reactions and just be me.
I can see the times I had my hands up in the air and squealing with excitement!
I can recall the times I was gripping the safety bar.
I can remember the times I felt like I was alone,
I see many more times when you all were right here with me!
Thank you!
I find that I need to be grateful, thankful and more loving.
I need to be more positive, be a stronger, loving mother, and supportive wife!
I will be a better friend!
While I can say that my blessings
(three beautiful children from God, and a man I love like crazy)
are blessings...
I am reminded that they are a gift from God and I need to treat them better.
There is always room for improvement...
I will ride that roller coaster of life with my hands in the air!
I will allow God to lead my heart!
He is always there and I plan to worship him daily!
I will make memories!
I will celebrate the little things and not fret over the small stuff!
I will climb Yosemite Falls with Renee again this year!
I will continue to serve God, my country, my community and my family and friends with humility and pride!
I will continue to check in here daily, create, be inspired, CASE, and love Stampin' Up so much that it reflects on my business in a positive way!
I will attend Stampin' Up Convention and you can join me if you like!
Have I told you thank you?
Thank you for loving me, accepting me, forgiving me, praying for me, and always inspiring me to be a better person!
Feeling blessed,

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