Monday, January 20, 2014

We All Have a Dream...

 It started with a brave man named Martin Luther King Jr. 
He had a dream and desire for all people to be allowed to achieve their dream, live their dream and be treated equally.  He stood up for a generation of people and with a honest Christian heart, and stood for non-violence and opened hearts and minds everywhere for the rights of people.  
  His lifetime of activism is celebrated today for all his work and to remember a great man. 
Without his dream there would have been continued violence against people for the color of their skin, the religion that they profess, and for many other ugly reasons that people discriminate. 
 He opened our eyes to injustice, our hearts to loving our neighbor, and our ambitions to achieving our goals.
Thank You, Sir!

  A thank you goes out.. as it opened doors for women around the country to follow their dreams and have voices about their future.

Shelli... had a dream to turn a hobby into a family business. 
She continues to grow and expand allowing more women to take part and own their piece of their dream.
After 25 years, Stampin' Up has changed and grown, allowing many of us to have a nice job on the side, to inspire us to make a difference everyday, to create products we can use with ease and create our own master pieces, and to share what we love.
I too have a dream, to inspire, create and share with you, my family, my friends and the new ones I gather along the way.  I am able to do this because of brave men and women that stood up for my rights. 
  So today, while we have a day off let us not forget to dream for the better! 
Be kind, be generous, be honest, be good! 


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