Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You Are My Sunshine

There is no outside play for me and my preschool friends! 
Here are the results of our play date yesterday as we talked about how it was going to rain today... They made sunshine and rain clouds!
Ellie's Art Work:

Ellie loves Frozen so there had to be a snowman!
Ellie is the oldest at age 4... soon to be 5 she just reminded me!
Lily loves colorful rainclouds!
These are two happy rainclouds! Good Job Lily!
Here is Lily's sun... she made the circle all by herself... she is 2 and a half!
Here are Kylie's rainclouds:
She really enjoyed mixing the colors!
Kylie starts loves blue!
Here is My Kylie's sun! 
Yesterday, we had a male guest for lunch...
Little Sean joined us...
he only agreed to painting his feet!
I will post his blue space ships later...
they went into Mackenzie's specialty detail shop for alterations.
Here are the girls focused and enjoying their pain time!

Kylie gave herself a manicure...

And... a pedicure... in cloudy grey!

Oh how I love the creativity of these little giggle monster's!!
Now if you want to tune in next week we are going to play with more of the See You Later Stamp Set ... we are making alligator's!


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