Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Bowl Full of Cherries

Life is a bowl full of cherries.
I encourage you to enjoy the juicy meat of a cherry. 
In fact if you live local you need to go cherry picking... 
A treasure my family indulges in every spring.

Sometimes life can be the pits...
And this my friends, is when your true colors show!
This is when you get to spit.
Yes, I said spit!
Growing up, my mother did not encourage spitting.
So let's say, I am not so good at it.
Eating cherries is the perfect opportunity to practice spitting.

Some of us (me) just need a lot more practice spitting.
Others like my husband and my brother are pretty good at it.
In fact, I believe there is a class I missed in second or third grade...
Or maybe only boys were allowed.
That's my story and I am sticking to it.

A good memory of my little brother ( I say little but he is 40... Shhh!)
Is when I was stationed at Bremerton Naval Hospital
and he drove out to bring me home for the weekend.
It was about an hour drive, and he had this bag of sunflower seeds.
As we drove, and he enjoyed his seeds, he would casually spit out his window.
Trying to be a cool big sister,
I grabbed a handful, carefully placed them in my mouth.
They swished around, salty and awkward.
I delighted at opening a shell and capturing the seed.
But where did I put my shells?
I had no cup or napkin to slip it into.
I looked over at my brother, driving, singing along to the radio,
and occasionally, spitting seeds directly out the window.
I can do this..
So I thought, so I turned my head... Gave it a spit.
"Whoah!" Yells my brother "The window is closed".
Oops!  So I roll down his truck window and gave it another try. 
Back into my face those shells flew...
Now I had two flick them out that widow.
Laughing my brother gave me a few lessons,
at which I failed miserably... to no avail.
Those seeds were going to have to come out the way my mother taught me.
Like a lady.

Metaphorical translations A-LA-Cary:
Don't let life get so serious... Laugh, and when that does not help, take it like a lady and move on.

Seriously, Pray! Lift it up and let it go.  Then find an outlet to divert your time as you wait for the Lord to deal with it.... Like... Hmmmm... Stamping!

So here my friends is a CASE of a card I found when I googled Giggle Greetings Stamp Set:

Please do bot mind the photo quality...
Kylie and I were singing as we took this photo and I think we were moving!
Supplies used to create this card were:
Very Vanilla Cardstock, Baked Brown Sugar Cardstock, Raspberry Ripple Cardstock, Baked Brown Sugar Stampin' Pad, Raspberry Ripple Stampin' Pad, Gumball Green Stampin' Pad, Blender Pens, Square Lattice Embossing Folder, Birthday Basics Designer Series Paper, Hardwood Background Stamp, Giggle Greetings Stamp Set, Linen Thread, and Pearls.

Off to practice spitting and stamping!

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