Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Emmy's Catty CASE

Today I had a special crafting day with two special friends and my lil Kylie Rose!  
Last week was Emmy's 11th birthday!  She is a special girl in our house... Not only because I hope my son treats her right up into their twenties and makes her family our in-laws... But because it was her mom Kirsten that gave us our first Walt Disney Welcome when we moved here. Emmy and Matthew have a special friendship... But her brother, father and mother are super generous, and special too.  All have gone out of their way to make us feel special. 
Emmy  and Kirsten follow my crafting journey in Instgram.  They are a couple cheerleaders and inspire me to comtinue the hobby I love. So I told Emmy to pick any stamp set she wanted and that we would make cards.  She picked the card located on page 125 of the Annual Catty.  
What a fun sample right?

Well, she wanted to try adding Pacific Point Blue... Blue is her favorite color, and so began the exciting day of CASEing the above card.

After some prep work, Kirsten, Emmy and I (with help and entertainment from Kylie) came up with this card:
Emmy and her mother make quite the team.. They put ten of these together in less than an hour and had time to encourage Kylie to get crafty too.
Kylie is my lil angel that joins us three days a week.. Her mother Gina comes everyday at her lunch time to see what we are uo to and witness the crafty genes in this kid. Kylie was thrilled to have Emmy here to talk to and entertain.  They both have the same sweet disposition!

If you are looking for a special card, or would like to design your own, you are always welcome to join me!
Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday!
I really enjoyed my time with Emmy & Kirsten.

Love Ya, 


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