Thursday, April 3, 2014

GFWC Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club BUNCO Results

  As you all know we have a huge extended family in life.

  I have my blood relatives, my family I gave birth to, and my family by marriage. That is not where my family stops... I have my Stampin' Sisters (& brothers), my Church family, my Navy family, my friends that are better than family, and my Federated family.  Many of these families & friends overlap into different categories.

  This past weekend I was thrilled to share with my Dublin/ San Ramon Women's Club sisters a fundraiser from my days as a Manteca Junior! BUNCO!  I love BUNCO! All my friends love BUNCO, so to tie the need to support  the communities needs for Grant Money, we played BUNCO this past Sunday evening!

  We ate dinner from Rigatonis, we drank some donated wine, we played two games of BUNCO, and enjoyed the 50/50 raffle, the raffle prizes and the $400 Kate Spade purse that was silently auctioned for an amazing price!

I wanted to share three out of four of the Main BUNCO winners here:

Most BUNCO's:
Our incoming President Joan Ernst and Janna Thompson... the big WINNER!

Mary Mello beat out over 24 people that had 6wins/6 losses.
So she won TRAVELING! (Sorry Joan... it was a great picture of MARY!)

Biggest Loser:

My sweet friend Kirsten Burrus was the BIGGEST LOSER!

I missed the photo of the Most Wins... I will have to attach in the future!

I am so grateful for all the people that came out to help raise over $2,100 to support our local community!  If you are a local Tri-Valley 501c3 charity looking for some funds... get the application HERE!

Thank you to all my "FAMILY" that supported this cause for me!  You all drove from far and near to help our community! 

Love Ya!

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