Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giggle Greetings CASE

Have you ever had an idea that went from bad to worse to heck...
 That looks masculine now? 
Well I had quite then"giggle" while making this CASE.
I set out to make a silly birthday card for a friend and
 I dropped the ink pad on my placemat,
which in turn inked my fingers,
which caused me to start sponging...
Then when I inked the sentiment
the kitty had a halo effect on the bottom so I thought heck..
Let's add a lil ink with the blender pen...
Inked that darn pen too dark so I began to color some more...
Ta da: 
My result while messy for some was perfect for the hubs to say hey can I use that for ____?
Sure, take it... Wait.. That hubby of mine likes all my work without question. Got to love that! 

This CASE began here... And I am now playing with it more to add some gorgeous grunge and more.

The Giggle Greetings Stamp Set can be found on page 29 of the Annual Catalog.
Giggle Greetings 131065
Price: $16.95

I hope this made you giggle too... And reminded you of a few of your finger smudged, over inked, cards that you may not be your biggest fan of.... Because there is always another that will not see your flaws and see the "purr-fect" card for their occasion!


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