Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to Max!

I am excited to say our little Max is 2 today!

A few weeks back we made this for his Mommy & Daddy!
He was not wanting to put his feet on a tray.  He loves to try new things but his little face was all... "You want me to do what?"

Check out the back:
Using his hand was so cool... He had fun! 

Like his mother, Max is very clean and he rearrainged the Cafe Art tables making sure the sponges and tiles were just right! 

We had a blast that day... 
He had his first donut:
Check out the choices!
He only ate the top!

He liked having Gabriella around:
Max has been a blessing and a buddy since we met him two years ago!! Because of him I met two amazing parents and friends!

He will always be Lil Max to me... Even though he is growing tall.

Happy Birthday Lil Buddy! 
Cannot wait to surprise you with your special gift tonight... And to give this to your amazing parents!

Auntie Cary

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