Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Swaps with Friends...

Monday, I spent the day with two of my girlfriends!
We attended the NEW 2014/2015 Annual Catalog Premier
in Redwood City, California. 
We watched the boards for swaps...
seeing none we challenged each other to a SWAP.
Here is my swap:
Guess what...
everything minus the ribbon is staying in the NEW 2014/2015 Annual Catalog!!!
A CASE of a card from Pinterest.
Sadly, it was not a direct link...
but as I always say...
the journey around a stampers Blog is an inspiring adventure.
I am in love with all of Jan's cards..
When I pinned this card it was after a night from
H... E... (double Hockey sticks)LL.
The family of 5 that cleans themselves in my pool
came out to play.
Sadly, they started fighting over a bone left out by my dogs.
It sounded like sick cats fighting.
I ran out to break it up at 10:45 pm... and they ran off.
Or so I thought....
The little stickers came back,
thundered across my solar panels on my roof
and started throwing
icky stuff off the roof.
(it was dirt I pray from the drains.)
They continued their adventures across my lawn,
over the roof,
in my pool,
whilst teasing my poor kenneled dogs.
My dogs would not settle down...
so I waited those stinking raccoons out.
Raccoon's may look cute but they are crazy!
Here is Sarah's Swap:

 I love this stamp set, and you cannot tell by the photo..
but look really close...
it is a tri-fold card.
It is held closed by the metal button!
Very clever,
and I love the Wetlands Stamp Set!
And last but not least is Lorraine's Swap:
This card uses the Yippee Skippee Stamp Set
and the Petite Petals Bundle carried over into
the NEW 2014/2015 Annual Catalog!!
We had a wonderful day together and need to do this again soon!
Are you curious about the NEW 2014/2015 Annual Catalog?
Here is another picture of the cover...
Want to look through it?
Come over..Right Now!
Join me anytime after May 8th and collect your complimentary copy!

Off to re-prioritize my wish list...
Everything is so beautiful!

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