Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday!

Ok ladies and gentlemen... I am, veering off my trail into a new journey!
I spend a ton of time stalking my favorite bloggers and I enjoy hearing what they are blogging about and when they are on a particular journey!  Kat Skinner was enjoying her retirement and for a while I lived vicariously through her Retirement A-Z blog posts.  She was creative and always is inspiring.  As I said in my earlier post... I have been MIA... so I signed into peek at her blog and found a new Monday morning activity: Blogging about being at home!  She was inspired by Diary of a Stay at Home Mom's blog... which really got me distracted today!  I am running late in posting these... but tune in on Monday's!
May 12, 2014
(First, but not last entry on the journey!)
As I look outside my window:
My three dogs (Fancy Pants, Mr. Perry, and Star)
are running around the pool chasing my hubby.
Barking, and fighting to be first in line.

Right now I am: 
Listening to my dear little Kylie sing "Matt, Matt, Matt, I like you"
I love when she makes up songs!
Thinking and pondering:
 That I really am sad that I was disappointed yesterday...
I think my version of Mother's Day and the kids version is just way off.
After a certain age,
if the teacher does not make gifts in class...
you are chopped liver.
Especially, as I glanced through the posts on facebook. instagram and wondered where did I go wrong. I got no special treatment, I cooked and cleaned up after all meals.
I need to let it go... and I can now that I lived vicariously through other mother's blogs.
I must appreciate the little things right?
A last ditch effort was created by the hubby today when I mentioned it early this am.

On my bedside table:
My Bible,
 A boot camp photo of my hubby,
Madison's (RIP) Ashes... must find a new home for her,
A yoyo.
and... hairband.

On my tv this week:
Young and the Restless,
Sesame Street,
Call the Midwife,
Check Please Bay Area,
Probably, some Dr. Phil, and a few other talk shows during naptime!

Listening to:
 Slacker Radio: Soft Rock

On the menu for this week:
Monday - Homemade Spaghetti Sauce
Tuesday - Mountain Mike's (half off pizza day)
Wednesday - Pesto Gnocchi
Thursday, Friday, Saturday - Mommy is at CFWC State Convention
Kid's will probably be eating crazy since Daddy is in charge.
Sunday -  Thinking I will grill... its going to be a hot week!
On my to do list:

Laundry, DSRWC Grant Committee Selections, packing for CFWC, shopping and filling the fridge for the hubby and kids, packing for a stampin' day at Beverlee's, some gardening,
walk those dogs, pick strawberries and tomatoes, turn on the solar for the pool, and maybe high dust.

Happening this week:
Monday - Teacher's Appreciation Week
Tuesday - Rock n Tots with Kylie, cut flowers for the teacher, SU Weekly Deal's
Wednesday - Pool day with the Poole's, Navarro's and Sakamoto families
Thursday -  Shlep some pretty cool art to the art contest, and deliver the centerpieces for Shirley,
Sleep alone in a bed... what?? No cat, no kids, no hubby... wait this could be lonely!
Friday - Celebrate Valerie Barner
Saturday - Return home to my house
Sunday - Church, Stampin All Day at Beverlee's, clean up after the kids being in dad's care, bbq!

What I am creating:

 I am playing with my SU preorder...
Thinking the hamburger box will make great Kids Camp projects!

My simple pleasures:
 PBS... after the kids go to bed...
Cuddling with my cat.

Homemaking tips:
Do my laundry after 7pm...
fold during commercials (after the kids are in bed)
use the old (three times through, at least) dryer sheets on the baseboards.

Looking around the house:
 I love the comfy feel that makes everyone feel at home here...
I have many clutter piles,
I am glad Kylie is back to play with...
I missed her last week!

From the camera:
 The gift my hubby made me today to make up for yesterday!

Prayer List:
 My dear friend Tom Wright, fighting that nasty Cancer.
My dear girlfriend Janna, traveling through Europe, stage four cancer and attacking her bucket list!
My friend Marie... may her appointment on Friday deliver a good prognosis.
Those poor kidnapped girls... their families and the survivors from the raid.
There we many law enforcement officer's lost over the weekend... prayers for their families, friends and the community they served.
(got something to add... let me know)

Bible verse, Devotional:
  I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in his word I hope. . . .
Psalm 130:5
Wow! This was fun and rewarding.. must take a quick walk then tune into Young and the Restless!


  1. Hi Cari, welcome to my Happy Homemaker Monday :) So glad to see a new face.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments about my blog, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Can't wait to get to know you better.

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh gosh I misspelled your name, so sorry. I meant Cary. Oops :)

  3. Cary, will you be my new best friend:) Although my kids (41 and 37) were super thoughtful and gave great gifts, my hubby thinks that a mother should do acts of service on MD (and my bday for that matter) so was feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday:(

    So glad you enjoy my blog and now I will be stalking you as well. Can't wait to see what you do with your SU preorder!

    Have a great week!