Sunday, June 8, 2014

Effing Cancer Party

Today is a day to celebrate my friend Janna! She is a warrior, a super trooper and an inspiration to many she has never met! Janna is battling that effing Cancer! This is not her first round of her battle it's become such a routine from the very beginning that she has not let it stopped her from working, traveling and volunteering and serving the community!

So we are going to use vulgar terms, use our middle finger, and blame Cancer for all it has taken away today, all it has not stopped, and remind it that when it shows up... We are going to fight!!!

Janna & her son Tom

We are gathering family, friends and aqauintences to eat, drink and be merry and celebrate the small stuff and most deservedly... Celebrate Janna!

This is Janna's friend Pam... they have been besties since the third grade!
Patrica & Mody... some very special Federated ladies that traveled far for Janna!
Claudia & Lori are friends of Janna's that she was thrilled to see!

There five ladies are my backbone... working hard to serve the community everyday!
Some more of us Federated ladies... I slipped in the photo... Janna loves us!
GFWC DSRWC... was in the house... and many of them brought their spouses!
A little sliver of the bogie babes,,, Janna was thrilled to see them too!
Janna was happy to see so many people there to celebrate her day!
Tom brought his special friend!

Patty and Raleigh... sweetest couple ever!
Sharon & Martha encouraging the troops to eat!!!
Linda and Connie... Oh, how I have missed them... and Janna was thrilled they were free to spend the day with her!  These two were instrumental in completing the day!

Jim and Sally Lund.. long time friends of Janna's!

Special friends that drove from the east to be here to celebrate Janna!
Steve and Nanci... they work with Janna... drove in to spend the day and really made Janna happy!

SO sweet to see Janna enjoying all the wonderful words, and hugs, and love!
The ladies really had such a good time sharing stories!
Silly ladies ... making fun of me!
It was a packed house and these two made loads of treats for us to eat!
Sheryn & Ed... sweetest couple and they worked to the very last minute...
they would do anything for the community... and a party!

Barb & Fred
Kelly, Mody & Carol... more Federated Friends!
Jerry, Janna & my hubby Matt... making sure Janna's meat was well done!
Jerry,  my beautiful Gabriella  and the hubs pulling off the tri tips!
Bonnie, Sheryn, and Joan... love you so much Janna!
Valerie, Sheryn, Connie, and Dori, more Federated Friends of a lifetime!

Pat & I gave my hubs a hard time... she made deviled eggs and he missed out... poor thing whinned all night... as this lady can cook!

Tammy and her husband... special friends that go way back!
Tammy is our angel at the San Ramon Marriot... and lets just say she always treats us like queens!
Carol & Richard recently became engaged... congrats!
When Janna saw these sweet ladies... she was thrilled so much love from this bunch!
Awww George.. I caught you with your eyes closed... maybe next time you wont give me such a hard time!  Just kidding... Janna loves you both so much!!!
These people made throwing this shindig so easy.... love them all!
I made simple banners (Michelle used her cutty thingy and her sticker baker, inside joke, to make ribbons of hope.  Combined with some SU tools ans adhesive and hung on hot pink string, it looks rather nice!  

Now Janna is not one to call attention to herself...
So we are calling her out with a few games.

"What would Janna say Game" which can roast you and toast you in a fun way!  
How fun to hear her sons answers and hers compared... Very funny!

Cancer is a Bad Guy Dart Game where you can target the breasts and try and pop them.

Valerie was pretty good at popping those boobs!
Tell us how you really feel Janna... skip the darts and go straight for the hammer!

Bra Pong.. Janna has no use for a bra... So here is a way to put those wasted item so use!

Kelly was really good...
What fun we had researching and creating a little fun!  We had ideas and they grew and we hope that Janna enjoys each one.  Janna is an inspiration to all she meets and has overcome many of life's challenges without letting you know!  We all can learn from her and we all love, love, love her!

Take time today to remember the ones we have lost, encourage those that are battling and lift a prayer up for all effected by this nasty disease.  Know that I won't give up in my fight for you, I pray daily, and support you in your grueling, life altering journey. 

Love you Janna!


Ps... Janna announced her recent PET scan results... Her rumors are shrinking!! Praise God! 

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