Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday June 9, 2014


As I look outside my window:
The Dahlia's are blooming... makes me miss Grandpa Carver today, but I know he is proud that I inherited his green thumbs!

Right now I am:
Looking at other blogs and admiring their work!  I need to CASE a few cards this week!

Thinking and pondering:
Where does all this dust come from? Would it hurt if I avoid it for another week? AND... why does the beautiful sun have to highlight the "Hi Mom" that I am sure Gabriella wrote on the television screen!

On my bedside table:
My Bible
our printer... yup.. still no new table/desk purchase
hubbys phone, he has it bedside while Mackenzie is away... just in case.
A 143 note from the Hubby!

On my tv tonight:
Some old war movies the hubby ordered from Netflix. He is a history buff... and loves to watch the details. Maybe, I will be in my craft area... smiling at him and pretending to listen!

Listening to:
A trio of ungrateful dogs growling over the five new toys they got... yup... they all want the same one... so next time I buy three of the same thing!

On the menu for this week:
Monday - Breakfast: Pancakes n Bacon
Tuesday - Mountain Mikes... 1/2 off pizza night
Wednesday - Eggplant Parmesan ( it did not happen last week.. the eggplants looked dimply)
Thursday - Mystery Crockpot meal...
Friday -French Dip Sammies
Saturday - Potato Soup
Sunday -  BBQ something for the daddy!

On my to do list:
Work on organizing my stamping supplies...
Find my dining room table... so we can eat on it by Sunday!
Schedule some workshops and classes to keep myself inspired.
Work on my SWAPS for convention!

Happening this week:
Monday - Kylie here, Return items to storage... mop floors ;-)
Tuesday - Kylie, Ellie & Lily here, Rocking Tots, Mackenzie comes home today!!
Wednesday - Kylie here, Matthew's 5th grade Fieldtrip to Boomer's,
Thursday -  Last Day of School!
Friday - My first kid free day! (ok.. I still have my kids....) SWAP's for convention!!!
Saturday- Playing in my Stampin' Up Altered Dining room. (its an adventure in there)
Sunday - Father's Day!

What I am creating:
My Project Life Station... a place to store, create and document our family and our memories!

My simple pleasure:
Ice Cream... shhh... don't tell but I eat a spoonful at night when the kids go to sleep!

Homemaking tips: 
Use your old dryer sheets to dust your baseboards.... you may only clean the same area each time... the area people see... or you may never get the house 100% done because lets face it there is so much more you can do besides dust!

Looking around the house:
What happened to these floors?  You would think we had a busy week last week, because they need some love!!  Really... I am grateful for the mess, and thankful I have the ability to tolerate it and clean it! 
From the camera:
Gabriella and Cayla... friends the moment they saw each other, and the reason I have loved the Cohen's ever since I met them!

Prayer List:
Traveling for the Cohen Family... the first family in San Ramon to welcome us into their hearts, church and family! They will be missed but the Lord is delivering them on a wonderful journey!
Lift up my friends that are battling cancer, positive thoughts and safe return wishes for my oldest as she returns from Washington DC, prayers that I can stay focused and continue to work for the Lord and not with any distractions, and last but not least for the poor girls in Nigeria that need to be returned home!

Bible verse, Devotional:
And now I commend you to God and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.
Acts 30:32


ps... want to know where I got this crazy way to share more of myself with you?
Meet my inspiration and a very talented SAHM HERE!

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