Sunday, July 27, 2014

Convention Swaps CASE'd for a good cause

When I came home from Convention I was excited to make these 3D swaps... I chased down the creator of the seed packets and took a photo of her badge... She felt obligated to give me one! On the way home we met Monica from Hayward, CA she made the Ghiradelli chocolate 3D's and the kids loved those too! 

I love the DSP, but the Daffodil Delight ribbon had me at HELLO!

I CASE'd these deigns when I returned home for a kids class... I substituted Hot Chocolate for the seeds... and ok... I left the Ghirardelli Chocolates in the cute little favors... I adore chocolate! 

Then on this past Monday, I opened my email to a garage sale fundraiser flyer for my friend Bonnie's daughter in law Kim . Cancer is a very bad boy and he is about to get attacked with the love and support from the family, friends, and the community of Dublin, California! 

Got a small table here:
The yard sale takes up three driveways, garages, and side yards!

And more stuff:

And more:

And more:

And more... seriously, more stuff arrived after I took this photo and them by 8am most of it was GONE! 

I just love how the community comes together... For a good cause!
All ourove, prayers and support for Kim Sharp and her family!!

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