Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hubby's Handmade Halloween Creation

Last weekend was my Annual Christmas in July Open House.  My whole family helped set up the house picking holiday inspired cards, drinks and snacks.  This year the Holiday Catalog is launching at the end of August. Which meant that I was going to be able to share samples with the customers, my hubby was drawn to assisting me with making a sample from a new Halloween stamp set. 
First he sketched out his idea:
Then he started going through my paper and looking for paper colors... Asking me questions about how to use the stamp, what did I suggest for clouds, how could he layer on top of a fence or grass, all the while smiling so proud with excitement.  

As his idea bloomed and grew, he got more excited, yes he likes this green, oh, ovals look like pumpkins, I need a moon.... 

Not being a dream squasher, I stood back at watched him fussy cut out the characters for his top layer, and as I do for my customers... I was at his side providing whatever he needed to complete his task. He was inspired and I was standing aside. 

When all was done, we were both proud, he wanted to try again, with different plans, and I was thrilled to have his card hanging on my wall! I am pretty lucky to have such a supportive man in my life, he bankrolls my hobby, he gives his opinion often on my designs, ans he cheers me on! 

As you can see, he really added details to this cute card... Check out the tiny pearl eyes... I would have never thought of such an important detail. Love that guy!

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Off to play!

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  1. Awesome card Matt! Will you be creating with us the next time Caleb and I visit?! ��