Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday Kareena!

Today is Kareena's 10th birthday.  
She spent this past Friday with me celebrating.
    Turning double digits with a delightful Stampin' Up! Themed party! 
We played with My Paper Pumpkin,
we made three cards
and we snacked and laughed! 
I tell ya... Kids are creative.
They are not worried about perfection,
they own their own style and they have fun!
Just like me!
Kareena closes out my birthday week...
With a smile! Happy Birthday to you!!

Here are the girls ... Eunice, Sarah, Karenna, Cassidy, and Maison!
These girls were so funny!

Silly poses and they got all my jokes.. Have to admit they were full of jokes too!

I am amazed how inspired and creative they were when given July's My Paper Pumpkin box... They all made cards that reflected their individual personalities. I did highly encourage extra bling... And they complied! 
Here is Karena... The NEW 10 year old!





Last group photo!!
Kareena's mom won my special Stampin' Up! party for 6 coupon
 from our Walt Disney Elementary School Online Live Auction. 
(The donation was made by me, and was not offered by Stampin' Up, or other demonstrators. 
I donate my time, supplies and creativity for the sole purpose of raising money for charity)
You can have your very own birthday party,
 back to school party,
 school is almost out party,
or we can find a reason party. 
You decide on the number of projects, theme and favors
and I have a list that breaks down the price for everything
including whether its in my hone or yours! 
I promise you will have fun!

Happy Birthday!

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