Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday 8/25/2014

As I look outside my window:
I saw nothing but darkness... I hear my wind chimes and slowly the sun is coming up... beautiful sunrise today!

Right now I am:
Hunting down ants... they found their way in via the garage and the last hour has been spent chasing them down! I found their nest and am planning an attack.

Thinking and pondering:
Today is the First Day of School, will my kids like their teachers, will they make friends, will they learn and share with me? It is sad not having them at home anymore, I will miss the lazy days of summer. So will they!

On my bedside table:
A plant, a basket full of things I need to either donate or keep and my Bible... I need to go randomly open it and find some faith today!

On my tv tonight:
The news... after the earthquake yesterday I have been watching and praying for those affected and watching to see what is going on in the Middle East. I wait til the kids go to bed, because I am not ready to talk about what is going on with them.

Listening to:
The hum of the computer and the rustling of three dogs as they check the yard for visitors.
On the menu for this week:
Monday -  Pork Roast.
Tuesday - Chili
Wednesday - I am making a try at Panini's again.. They were good.
Thursday - Mystery night... going to try a random Pinterest recipe.
Friday -  Chinese Food, and a Carpet Picnic.
Saturday - BBQ something
Sunday - Breakfast for dinner... waffles and ham steaks.
On my to do list:
reorganize the pantry, clean out my craft closet and vacuum the garage
Happening this week:
Monday - First Day of School
Tuesday -  Kylie Here, Chairman Meeting and Hall closets.
Wednesday - Kylie is here, kids out half day and family dinner night.
Thursday -  Ridding lessons and volunteering today
Friday -  I am going to Lorraine's house to make cards.  
Saturday- Yard work
Sunday -  Playdate at Jeanne's today!

What I am creating:
Thank you cards and a photo frame.

My simple pleasure:
Morning walks and afternoon naps!

Homemaking tips: 
Have plenty of back up food supplies. water, batteries and pet food.  You never know when a disaster can happen.
Looking around the house:
I really tore this place up today after finding that trail of ants... think some of mother natures friends are going down!  Two things I dislike ants and flies.  What is their purpose? Thankful that that is all I have to worry about when there are others that have to worry about more!
From the camera:

We had a special visitor today!  Anita stopped in and had lunch... she enjoyed playing with Hobbes!
Anita is an animal whisperer... I swear she gets all the furry friends to follow her lead, kind of like snow white!
Prayer List:
Prayers for family, friends and for the Middle East! Prayers for my friends that are sick, spouses are ill or for their family members.  Prayers for the people that are misplaced from the earthquake.  May the mommies I love and adore in my life have peaceful pregnancies and for those trying may they be blessed soon.

Bible verse, Devotional:
11 I have stored up your word in my heart,
that I might not sin against you.

 Psalm 119:11

ps... want to know where I got this crazy way to share more of myself with you?
Meet my inspiration and a very talented SAHM HERE!

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