Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kids CAMP...

Kids CAMP was held yesterday!
It is the last CAMP before school begins.
My buddy Eunice brought 5 NEW CAMPER's to come play:
 In true CAMP style these silly CAMPERS repeated whatever I said:
They are silly, stampers, that like to swim in the sauna with sparkles!

Eunice: AKA Minty
Irene AKA: Courtney
Yena AKA: Calico
Ana AkA: Raven
Jeji AKA: Keys
Jessica AKA: Splash
Next KIDS CAMP is scheduled for
September 16th, 6-8pm.
Hint... we are playing with some holiday products... it may get chilly!
CAMP Fee is $20/ CAMPER
(Fee includes: 3 handmade products, a gift from me, pizza, snacks, and a beverage)
Your CAMPER will enjoy:
learning NEW technique's,
playing with NEW product,
and the fellowship with friends!
Reserve your space NOW... they are filling FAST!
Check out my Event Page for future CAMP dates.
If you see that my scheduled CAMP's do not meet your needs...
just call, text, or email me.
I will come to you or schedule a special CAMP just for you.
(CAMPER must find 5 CAMPER's to play that day)
I will not lie...
it is FUN,
we LAUGHED a lot,
the CAMPER's  are so talented.
Each session is unique and I promise...
I can handle big kids too!
Join me!

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