Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Infamous Mr Brown...why do we love him so?

When I first joined Stampin' Up! as an Independant Demonstrator 5 years ago I had only seen Mr Brown (AKA... The UPS man) around Christmas when holiday gifts arrived from home. So seeing him as often as a few times a month to at least once a week brought Christmas year round. 
It is true what people say... All the UPS drivers are good looking, strong and charismatic. 

When it is delivery day... The engine sound through my neighborhood calls me to the door... I get a little jelly if that big  brown box is not for me. Lucky for me, I live in a city with a huge distribution center and I have had the same delivery man for years!!  My orders are delivered quickly, and the Bay Area provides wonderful weather year round. 

He recognizes my big box of fun and knows the thrill each and every time he delivers. He claims it is not as much fun to deliver a box of Stampin' Up! to an empty doorstep. 

It's not flirting, it's not pitty, it's a mutual relationship... He carries my box with pride to the door and most times I am already there, some days Stampin' Up! Has packed and shipped my order faster than I can stalk them. When I hear the doorbell and meet him at the door he is just as happy to see me squeal. 

The stalking of my orders game is just as fun when the deliveries are for customers and friends.  It may not be the same delivery person, but stories from around the United States have been told about these handsome, hunky men that bring our boxes filled with love from Stampin' Up! I live to receive the call from my customers squealing about the delivery, and then of course the whole opening the box is another exciting story. 

Here is the truck:
On this delivery day each of my neighbors received a box, but I am proud to say Mr Brown gets a grand reception at my door! 

He smiles as he hears me cheer!

I have butterflies.... I see the Stampin' Up! Logo!! 

He makes the box look so light, but I recall my order and all the FREE hostess 
Items I was able to add to my order must be heavy!

He knows how excited I am, and he does not laugh to hard at my paparazzi style reception. 

The lighting is poor, but Mr Brown still looks good, that box is full of love, inspiration and exclusive Holiday Catalog Items that we were allowed to order and ship home.

Bye, Mr Brown!

HELLO Stampin' Up! Oh how I live to open your boxes and yes it is Christmas in July!

Hope you enjoy your deliveries as much as I.... I have a few boxes heading towards customers, and a few boxes coming my way this week.  

Enjoy your Saturday! 

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