Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday 9/29/14


As I look outside my window:
It appears dark and gloomy... but there is so much excitement for the day brings me two little angles to play with while my kids go to school, and by the time the fog dissipates we three girls will be having a blast! 

Right now I am:
Planning my Birthday BUNCO Bash for Friday night, Kathy Jo's gathering for Saturday and I am planning Gabriella's birthday for Saturday... she turns the big 15!

Thinking and pondering:
Life is so short, we must celebrate the little and the big things! 

On my bedside table:
Finally... my bible is there to rest for the day... it has traveled around the past few weeks.

On my TV this week:
I hope to find something to keep me occupied at night as I create away!

Listening to:
The washing machine and the dryer, oh how I love to return to laundry!

On the menu for this week:
Monday - Spaghetti bake
Tuesday - Meatloaf, I have a new recipe!
Wednesday - World Vegetarian Day... so it will be stir fry!
Thursday - Potato Soup
Friday - Frightful Fish
Saturday - Hamburgers loaded with blue cheese
Sunday - Turkey Dinner

On my to do list:
Clean the floors and the garage!

Happening this week:
Monday - Kylie and Lily here today!
Tuesday -  Kylie here, Baking and crafting!
Wednesday - Kylie & Lily are taking me to Rockin' Tots!
Thursday - DSRWC Board Meeting, and party preparations!
Friday -  Kirsten and Allison Birthday BUNCO!!
Saturday- Kathy Jo's Gathering
Sunday -  Happy 15th Birthday Gabriella

What I am creating:
World Cardmaking Day Projects, BUNCO projects and a few other treats.
My simple pleasure:
my morning walks, naps... and Y& R

Homemaking tips: 
brown bananas freeze beautifully and when defrosted make yummy bread, or while frozen add dimension to a smoothie!
Looking around the house:
I am blessed to be surrounded by the ones I love.
From the camera:
While in Ontario this past weekend I had the privilege to attend a bachelorette party for Carol Lopez!
So much fun!

Prayer List:
Loads of positive thoughts and prayers go out to friends battling cancer, depression and other illness.  My heart lifts up the middle east and those in other counties affected by Russia. I pray for my family to be honest, hardworking and stealth hands of the Lord.  I pray that I can make a few more people happy via Random Acts of Kindness! Lifting up the LEO community that has lost many officers this past week... doing a thankless job.  

Bible verse, Devotional:
37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.
 Romans 8:37

ps... want to know where I got this crazy way to share more of myself with you?
Meet my inspiration and a very talented SAHM HERE

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