Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Am Now A Branch on the Wildtree Family Tree!

Last night I attended a class that helped me prepare 10 freezer, fresh meat, fresh veggie, meals for my crockpot.  I am a busy mommy and I am always looking for meals that are quick and healthy. The unique part about this class was I used Wildtree products that were all natural, organic and GMO free.  I have tasted meal enhanced with these spices before but last night took me down a NEW path!
I have joined the Wildtree family and am excited to journey further through their recipes!  Thousands of healthy ways that I can feed my family, friends and myself!  We always need to take care of number one! The bottom line was when I did the math... each meal for my family of 5 comes out to less than $20 to make.  Falls within my budget, causes me to eat in more and eat out less.  I know what is in my meal and there are no hidden chemicals, preservatives or modified ingredients that may change my precious family.  I cannot lie, it is simple! Just as I have always bragged about my Stampin' Up! journey... simply the most creative and inspiring way to let people know you care with a handmade card, gift and more... Wildtree is another way to show those around me that I care!

You may ask how did I hear about Wildtree?
Little Ella Margaret's Mommy Angie...
gave me samples when I made her a belly banner
to announce the sweetest name ever!

Here is Angie...
She added all the spices to my pre-packed bags because...
Ella Margaret wanted me to pat her little bum bum!

 Andrea made most of her meals veggie, they looked delish!
Looks like I did loads of work...
two hours total of prep...
place it in the freezer...
defrost and toss in your crockpot...
ten healthy meals!

I carried it home in a cooler...
I feel very proud to say all meals come under $20.
I did try and buy ethically, and organic brands when possible.
Raises the price, but my family is worth it!
Take a peek at my Wildtree website!
Have questions!
Just ask!
Off to stamp... this easy meal prep makes more time for the real adventures!

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