Saturday, October 25, 2014

Megan's Halloween Birthday Bash...

This girl just turned 13! 
Megan has the best parents ever, I really enjoyed watching them watch this girl celebrate her day... The true love and sincere enjoyment they had on their faces as their guests had a wonderful time in their beautiful home. Megan, is polite, positive, and a girl with a million dollar smile! 

Weeks before Megan and her Mom Chris planned a Bunco Birthday Bash, Megan admitted to loving cats... So I created this card as the RSVP card:

Her friends gathered this past evening to celebrate her! On her official 13th birthday:
This is an after shot, loads of smiles, and love still to be had! Some very lucky parents out there!

The Birthday BUNCO Bash had some smitten kittens in attendance:
Some serious giggles, and blurping was going on... (Evidently, I learned last night that there is an app that makes silly sounds... It comes in handy every time you roll the dice and you do not get what you are rolling for...teenagers think of everything... It made us all laugh!
Candy everywhere,serious treat pails... These girls held it together despite all the sugar consumption... They actually were even sweeter! Just when they thought it was winding down super mom pulled out some Jamberry Nails. Some Spooktacular handshakes, waves and hellos coming to Pine Valley Middle School this week!

One of the best things I was able to witness was a dance routine the girls did to Pitbulls Fireball.... Spectacular!  Wish I had taped that! The girls were on FIRE!

Table 2:


Table 3:

They ended the night creating this :

The best part was getting to hangout and see how special Megan and her friends are... They have some great futures ahead, each and every girl inspired me and really made me laugh! Girls will be girls!! 
Thank you Megan for sharing your special day with me! Turning 13 is the beginning of your teenage years and you and your girlfriends proved to me that your beautiful spirits are going to brighten up our world! 
Happy Birthday!

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