Saturday, October 4, 2014

Post Bunco Bash Photos

Here are some of the photos of the creepy coffin creations using SU products for these ladies:
Julie and Kirsten...check out Julie's coffin.
Ellen & Kathy are pro's!
Allison got a BUNCO!
Teddy wanted in the photos!
Seriously, silly banter exchanged at this table! 
The HEAD table seemed to take forever to get to 21.... Because sometimes you accidentally play to 37...right Kim???
Emmy was not the biggest loser tonight!
Silly peow avoiding the camera... It's all in fun until I post it in the BLOG!
Emmy and Mia at the same table... Screams across the neighborhood !!!! 
The Den is where the real action and giggles are... Plus Dan would slip in and refill drinks!
Kirsten got a Bunco !!!!
These two are adorable and I hope they have a wonderful birthday ... I enjoyed their party. 

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