Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beautiful Holiday Fantasy Pictures...

Today was the Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club Holiday Fantasy Fundraiser. I am blessed to have multiple friends that come out to support a great cause!

Fay, Bonnie and Suzanne... Longtime friends 
Michelle and I... Friends at first sight! She gets me!! 
Patrick and Mia... Old friends that have always supported whatever my passions are and especially when it comes to children's charities !
I am super excited for these two little boys.. Zachary and Danilel will be the best big brothers to these two lil guys growing in there... Mimi's a awesome mom!

My dear friend Virginia accommodated my two beautiful daughter at her table! 
Another picture of me and Mia in front of the Christmas tree! 
My girls and Mia.
Lunch was a stuffed pork chop,and a mango couscous with sweet potato.
I ate my dessert,and waited to win the raffle... I did not win this raffle, but I did win $1000 shopping spree! 
My good friend and neighbor Eve won the centerpiece... Her beautiful mother Barbara joined us! 
Eve and her Mom!
Eve and I.
My daughters took a few selfies! 
Silly Mackenzie slipped me in on this one!
They got me to look again! 
Patrick and Mia celebrated their 6th anniversary today too...we went to Hanna Japan to celebrate... It was good!

Thankful for all the people that came out to support the two beneficiaries Foster a Dream and Child Abuse Prevention.

Ready for the holidays and to get stamping!
Have a great Sunday! 


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