Friday, November 14, 2014

My Napa Adventure...

I want to share my Napa Adventure...
The hubby and I spent two days in Napa so that I could attend 
the Mount Diablo District meeting in St Helena.
We had no itinerary but as soon as he told his friends we were heading that way
they said he HAD to take me to Rutherford's Grill for a Prime Rib French Dip...
And do not forget the cornbread:
Wow... The cornbread was warm, sweet, n spicy!
We devoured a roasted artichoke too...
Here it is the famous French Dip...
I tackled mine like a champion
and the roasted red cabbage with goat cheese was my sweet ending to the meal....
Glass on the right eww not so much 8`(
 Glass on the right delish! 

We did as rookies have the waitress suggest a Chardonnay...
Cannot recall the name 
(there are over 400 winery's in town)
 it paired beautifully and set a buzz for stage two of our adventure!

Next we ventured back towards Napa and did a little window shopping...
And I mean windows:
We plan to hang one above the piano in the living room
and the other above the television in the family room...
Pictures to follow. 

Those of you that know Matt and I can appreciate the next find...
A Hall Tree.  
While it is not our dream tree
 (that resides in his mothers front hallway and has been the inspiration for our 20 year search)
it is a beautifully up-cycled version that fits our personality...
 Until we find a replica of out dream?
Or is our search over? 
We will see:
We also found that 1994 Longaberger basket that was injured in the earthquake
and the character did not scare me away..
It was priced fairly and I had a new hook to cover anyway!! 

We walked to the Oxbow Market
and had Fresh Oysters and a nice dark beer from a local brewery
We picked up a sweet selection of Kara's cupcakes for our kiddos 
and settled into a beautifully,  lighted walk back to our car. 
We woke up early to drive to St Helena,
 and attend the District Merting sponsored by the Federated Women of Upper Napa Valley.
 It was held at Grace Church...
 Beautiful decorations and evey part of our meal came from their cookbook... 
It was so wonderful! Plus, they had more red and white wine for us to taste! 
After a wonderful meeting my husband won a basket for this one item... 
The scones!
I hope they taste as good as the ones we had at breakfast with his coffee and my tea! 

I had to do the tourist money shot..
A Project Life layout is in the works!

Then a Selfie:
Or two?
Too serious?? 
We always have to do the silly pose! 

So I have had a little rest and relaxation
 and will be preparing some items for my Black Friday Special!
Make sure you tune in to see the deals! 
Two weeks from today!

Ready to stamp!

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