Friday, November 21, 2014

Sally is going home today...

Last weekend, my husband and I picked up a special Southern California friend from the airport and while he has been out if town... I have been having a blast! Sally and I met while in Seattle a few months back, we threw a bachelorette party for Carol in Ontario and boy did we celebrate her birthday this week.
We had fun at Holiday Fantasy, a couple fun shopping experiences and ate really good. 
Happy Burthday Dessert at Johnny Garlics.
Our group: quite happy after hours of laughter and fun.
Three ducks ... Huey, Duey and Luey? No! 
Seriously, this was fun Sally and I rocked the right side of the boat!
Captain Van.. A character all by himself.
Lunch... Delist!
Thank you Steve! Steve, is Valerie's son and he manages the restaurant and we were treated 
Ike queens!
Sally's birthday drink the cable car,
My drinkie it was cold
Janna had the biggest margarita I have ever seen!
Wow that is a meal in a glass!

After, the day was done I looked back on our day of many firsts! All I can say is these special ladies know how to have fun and can make a rainy day excursion the best day ever! Thank you Sally for giving us a reason to celebrate! May this year bring you more friends and loads of love!

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