Sunday, December 7, 2014

Breakfast with Santa... Day with Renee

Renee and I have known each other a while. I met her when I joined Manteca Juniors and I have valued our friendship ever since that day. We have had a year full of life and not as much time to splurge on each other. By splurge I mean not do anything but hang out and devote hours to inspiration and friendship. We planned on watching Wild... But it was in limited theaters. 
Saturday, I drove out to Manteca and I spent the day with her.. Talking, listening, admiring, eating yummy food, looking through my Convention 2014 Swaps, drooling over the new catalogs and watching Rodeo. 

First item on our agenda was take this sweet little one to have Breakfast with Santa:
Renee and her granddaughter Harlee! Love this lil girl... She looks just like her grandmother! 
Check these two out in the backseat:
The view from Punches rear-view mirror is a joyful one! 
Thank You Judy for breakfast! What a wonderful time eating a hearty breakfast and watching kids warm up to Santa and Mrs. Claus. 
Ok... Harlee looks like her Mom and Dad too! Plaid shirts were the theme of their family photos!
Look who I found... Stacy and Miss Charlotte ... Super sweet!
Samara & Paige!! First time I got to meet this doll!
Check out Stephanie.. She looks amazing!
Look my breakfast is ready I better eat!
Daddy's girl.. So sweet to watch Punch as a dad!
That is a true mom right there, willing to let her toddler put her finger in her mouth!
Harlee was still startled by Santa but she did get down and play ring toss! She is very good!
Awe look, it is Paige and Samara!
Grandma Barbara and Charlotte ... Sweet amount of love this grandmother has!
Took a Selfie with Stephanie!
Then a group shot! 
Here is Rodeo! Love and miss this dog!

Well I feel rejuvenated and free to follow my dreams! A day with Renee makes you think if I want it to come true I need to do it! She keeps me focused is better than therapy and I hope to be like her one day!


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