Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is starting to feel a lot Like Christmas

We finally put our tree up.. Note the blue lights... This LEO family wants to acknowledge that all families deserve to have their LEO's home safe this Christmas! 

Yesterday the hubby and I just happened to be hanging out by the porch and look what appears both boxes with new 2015 product!!  My husband shook his head as my attention diverted momentarily from him to these boxes!
By far it was an awesome day because Mr Brown... AKA the holiday UPS truck came a second time8/)
Shhh... I hope this box is for me... It arrived while the hubby was vacuuming our gutters! 
So I placed that box under the tree as per his instructions... And it will liven up the the tree awaiting the gifts I will wrap for our family and friends.

I stayed up late and made a few samples from my new product:
Baby Bumblebee is a NEW stamp you can order on 1/6/15...I am dropping a gift off for a new little bundle his week!
From the Herd is a NEW stamp set that really covers my crazy family of animals and has some creative sayings... I will not steal the thunder... But you will giggle! It is an all occasion set! I made this from all the kids for Papa Chuck... 87 years young and in the hospital with newly diagnosed cancer and I wanted to cheer him up! He always admires my hobbies and desires and will be the happiest recipient of my first NEW card!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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