Friday, December 12, 2014

Last Night Was So much Fun!

Gabriella and I drove to Manteca and we had so much fun! The girls made done great crafts and cards. 

Each of the girls took turns making four projects... 
Here are our results:
She did a great job!
Gracie is a goofball she has her cup on her head... 
Love how they all created beautiful Snowmen! 
Love her smile.. It was nice to see she was a quiet mouse the whole time and then she beamed with pride when she takes this photo... Makes me want to play with her more to confirm she has a voice.
Another quiet and shy one... That has amazing talent!
Such a beautiful young lady, she really was a doll!
Another silly put my altered coffee cup on my head girl! Silly goose! 
Group Photo#1
Group Photo #2
Group Photo #3

Thank you Elizabeth and troop 3723 for a fun night! Call me when you are easy to learn more! 

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