Thursday, January 22, 2015

Answer Your Cat a Question's Day... Card CASE

Today is Answer Your Cat's Question Day!
He probably has tons of questions, but I have a few for him!
I want to ask my cat where the head is to the deconstructed bird that was on my doorstep.
Or... Why can't you eat around the edge of your dish?
(Is your reflection really that scary?)
Fine, I will shake the dish to get the food even. 
Or... Are you comfortable as you lay across my legs or face when I am trying to sleep?
Lastly, I want to know if my cat understands that we do not have an open door policy all night long.
In, Out, In, Out... all decided by his loud thunder paws, MEOW, the sound of my blinds being flicked back and forth, the tapping on the front door and purring in my ears.

I love my cat...
Especially, when he sleeps curled upside down!

He rules our roost.
Today, he has only asked for soft food, for me to lift the lid on the toilet so he could lap water out even though he has a fresh dish, and he asked me VERY LOUDLY to open the door to Mackenzie's room so he could go sleep on top of her.

Here is a card I CASE'd
Supplies used to make this CASE were: Whisper White Cardstock, Strawberry Slush Cardstock, Your Little Furball Stamp Set, Snuggles & Smooches Stamp Set, Metro Type Alphabet Stamp Set, Stazon, Strawberry Slush Stamp Pad, Strawberry Slush Thick Baker's Twine, Rhinestones and Dimensional's.

What questions would you like to ask your cat?

Off to be a cat slave!

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