Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stampin' with my Sister's

It is Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!
Some of you may say ewww....
I say yummy!
There is a saying: the cherry on top.
Meaning: Something good that follows a series of other fortunate events.  
With stamping I always say the cherry on top is getting to stamp with you!
Well, today I experienced a Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!
Today I traveled to Turlock, CA.
It is about an hour and twelve minutes.
Definitely, worth the drive.
Along the way I picked up my Stampin' Sisters:
Beverlee, is my Up-line, Lorraine and Sarah are my Sisters on the side.
Like every good mother, leader, friend,
Beverlee encourages us to get together and share what we love.
We all have different styles, strengths and talents.
Together we can accomplish so much!
All three of these beautiful women live in Tracy, CA.
Guess how many Starbucks we can find there?
At least THREE!
So we had to make a stop there!
Let me get back to why today is a Chocolate Covered Cherry Day:
First, because it really is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.
Second, because anything covered in chocolate tastes better!
Third, I will not lie, I am bringing Chocolate Covered Cherries to share!
Mostly, because when I get together with my sisters on the side every stamp set is yummy!
Lastly, I get to CASE these beauties, and share them with you!
Here is my SHOEBOX Card:
Love it!
Want to know more...
Stop by tomorrow for my Open House!

I love Stampin' Up! It is not just a hobby it's my job, it brought me to you, it has made me many friends for life, Stampin' Up! has given me self esteem & a creative outlet!

Hope you enjoy your day!
I loved mine and guess what?
I forgot to share my candy.. I found the bag here in my stamp room... 
So I will eat for all 10 of us! 


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