Friday, February 6, 2015

Hello Life Project Kit Class... Results!

Would you believe it if I told you that this kit:
Plus this stamp set:
Created this:
Then with all the leftovers you can make more cards, embellish your board, or swap out items to keep it fresh and exciting?  What if I told you that YOU could enhance it by making it your own, using different tools, paper or a different theme?
Well, last Friday and Saturday my friends and I did!
Marie wanted to host a class that would benefit customers here in San Ramon & invited me to her home in Manteca, to create these fun racks! Then when we were done... we played with the Hello Life Stamp set and made more cards!
Marie had a VERY successful show...
she earned $75 in Stampin' Up! product
and she loves her Hello Life rack!
*** We did not succeed at making the pom poms as pictured... but Marie suggested we use the Butterfly Thinlets and they really worked!
Here are a few photos of us in action:
Krissy had a cool tool that rolled those little pieces right off the thinlet!
Marie taught me how to line up my letters without permanently sticking them to the paper.. SMART!
We attempted to force the drying of the White Craft Pad... It added a glossy background. 
Kirsten, Allison and I spread out our tools... So much fun!
Kirsten is a perfect stamper.. Seriously, she makes White Craft in stampin effortless!
Allison did a wonderful job making the Kit her own!
Them she shared a photo via Instagram of it hanging at home:

The ladies had a good time as did I! 
I love our creative time together and adore these girls!
Have a great Day!


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