Saturday, February 14, 2015

Share Love Project

Let me share the results of my #SHARELOVEPROJECT2015:
My recordkeeping and photos are thankfully covered by Instagram!
A few months back I was looking through Instagram,
and I saw that my Stampin' Sista Angela was participating in
Curious I clicked on the link and I too wanted in!
I emailed Tara (the project coordinator) & opted in.
There are rules...
you had to agree to handcraft a item, write a short note, and share via Instagram.
Super easy, fun and inspiring.
I found that time crept up on me quickly,
I was so worried about mailing my box off by the date it was due,
so I ran into my favorite Christian book store,
grabbed a few lil goodies,
Made a Valentine, or two and added a handmade card.
My partner to gift was from Lakeland, Florida.
I have a few friends and family on my LEO side of the family there!
Super excited to spoil her!

Her name was Cindy, and here was her description:
I love Jesus, Bible study, blessing and serving others, reading, sewing and needle crafts, learning crochet, ceramics, and logic puzzles. I collect Pyrex, vintage tea cups and saucers, vintage sewing and camping fabrics and items. I love hot tea and caramels. I love my 3 kids!!!
Here was Cindy's response:
 (I have to say, I was not sure what to send, but being a mother to three kids myself, I picked a few indulgences I adore!  Cannot wait to get to know her better!)

 Step #2
Waiting for my #SHARELOVEPROJECT package...
the rain kept me inside and away from my mailbox.
Maybe my kids would bring in the mail?
Nope, they said no mail...
or was there mail?
Stalking the mailman...
sitting on the bridge...
Then... this past Monday Morning I received a package:
How exciting to get a partner from Germany!
She is VERY talented and she has inspired me to CASE her and follow her.
Mind you I took German in High School, and College but I am VERY rusty.
No complaints though,
I sound it out, use my dictionary and can understand about 60%.
(neat thing is I hear a beautiful accent as I read... I bet she sounds delish!)
But crafts & love can be shared without a language barrier!
Looking forward to dragging my sewing machine out to create and CASE her creations!
If you want to SHARE THE LOVE...
just drop a handmade card, gift, letter or a handwritten note in the mail,
send it to a friend, a relative, a neighbor or...
Randomly, gift a stranger!
Strangers come with warnings:
you may make someone smile,
you may make their day,
you might even make a friend!
Love you all to pieces!
Are you interested in a SNAIL MAIL Project too?
Contact me and we can set up details!

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