Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Jackie

Jackie is a dear friend and grandmother to my family.
Her birthday was on Valentines Day.
She went out of town with her daughter so I missed out on spoiling her.
We also missed seeing her for Christmas.
So we celebrated it all!
Cards made for previous occasions:
See earlier posts.

So today I am taking her out to enjoy a family favorite

Getting started...

Family style the way we like it....

Matthew would not make eye contact... No surprise there... But he was tanked up on Italian Cream Sodas....

Trying a taste of everything... It was hard to finish... Huge take out containers.

Time flies, and we all seem to get so busy...
I am guilty of always wanting to spend time with Jackie,
but the two hour drive and dueling work schedules keep us apart.
So today we are going to spend the day together,
and laugh, talk, smile and listen!
She is a great friend,
she has encouraged me at my worst and my best,
she definitely deserves much more than she gives!
So I am off to spoil her!
Photos of our day together:
 Jackie & I

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