Friday, July 24, 2015

Last Night at Sarah's

Ok, it technically was all day at Sarah's.... And it was FUN!

So I had a little bit of a drive... Typically, there is traffic at a later hour... So I planned my trip for a longer drive... But there was NO TRAFFIC!  Happy Dance for that! Wahooooooo!

We started our morning swapping Pillow Pressie's! 

What? Pillow Pressie's are what? Well when you go to convention and you have great roomies you get to spoil them with small treats, handmade, handstamped or altered gifts that just add to the magic... Sarah, Lorraine and I have celebrated this tradition for a few years... So even though we did not stay away... We added this tradition  to our FIRST DAY.

Next, we grabbed a fresh baked bagel, slathered in cream cheese and piled on Sarah's couch and watched opening ceremonies.  The three dogs joined us, and you would think they were waiting for us to drop food, but nope... They were watching and barking with us as we enjoyed the show!
Cannot share all the goodies... but spoiler alert I will be making that wreath!
So excited we were standing up and the dogs were glued too!

Prize Patrol Occurred::: 

Oh my goodness!  I have wanted this set!
*****BREAKING NEWS***** we did make a Starbucks trip before we moved to the crafting!

Since we did not participate in swaps, or predetermined projects, getting started was a little slow... We each have a long history of saving Pin's, screen shooting Instagram, and adoring the Annual Catty Projects! So picking the very first project was not started until we oooh'd and ahh'd over each other's ideas. 

But here is the first project we CASE'd:

Then there was this card:

Sarah then made us some pizza... Heavenly smell... And so yummy. 

Electronic stalking of our friends at convention began and then WHAT? We could look at the NEW Holiday Catty Online? Shut the front door! So we grabbed a slice of pizza, and again piled on the couches as Sarah shared the experience on the big screen! First time thorough, we wanted almost every bundle, second time through we added ribbon and paper, third view through we included some new embellishments and embossing folder, fourth and final view of the afternoon (cannot speak for the other's but it was a fun filled night I went straight to bed when I got home) we took our list down to who would buy what first... Paper shares and how many days until we could have it all! 

Another quick CASE:

And a trip to Costco and Michael's, Lorraine slipped out to coach her lil JR Giant's! I will admit at this point we did devour A huge amount of candy at this time and so our sweet tooth inspired some sweet cards!

And then we made this CASE:
A small confession, the candy high started becoming a candy low... So Sarah decided to change up the scene and  took us to Dinner at a yummy local Mexican food joint... It looks small from he outside but it was huge inside, and we each enjoyed a lil local home style cooking.  It made us talk, smile, giggle and enjoy the relaxed pace of our day... And yet we still have two more days!! 

We came home and finished with this page 7 Catty CASE: 
Then because she is so nice, we piled all the product that Sarah own's that Lorraine and I do not own... Into bags for our #sharethefunstaycation2015 day two! 

Prize Patrol Number Two:
(Photo quality was altered by the plastic and my iPad here is what I got!)
 So... After a promise to text when I arrived home, I fell asleep on my couch while looking through pinspirations for today and tomorrow! When I woke up later and headed to bed, the hubby smiled and promised to help us enjoy today... Just go to sleep and stop talking about what looks good, and yes he can still hear my fingers swiping the screen, and tapping photos of friends! Oops! 

Cannot wait to see what today brings! Thanks for last night Sarah & Lorraine! Bring on Friday!


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