Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saturday's Share the Fun Staycation

Our final Day of our #sharethefunstaycation wrapped up at Lorraine's house. 
We gathered at her house by 9am...
We're handed a stiff cup of coffee and a toasted bagel and we headed into her craft room.

Check out our favors:
I had not seen this box or the Framelit in person so it was a double treat!

We tuned into the last live streaming session of Convention and enjoyed more samples and instructions on how to make a dozen or more pretty things from the upcoming Holiday Catalog! 
Could this really be the last day to live vicariously through some of our favorite stampers and their social media accounts, and the live sessions? It was fun "stalking them in person last year for pictures" 

While we were watching, oohing and ahhing...
Arianna made this bookmark for her stack of books:
I swear this kid has to be related to my girls because she reads 5 books at the same time, she gave each book her attention and love and then moved onto the next! Crazy you think right? She loves to read and she loves to craft and that means she will be able to love each of her stamp sets when she grows up as much as she loves each story and book for its unique gift... Because just like her mama and her mamas friends we do love our stamps and like a good book will love them til the crack, fall apart or we die! 

The nice thing about looking at the experience from outside Salt  Lake was this, we saved a little money, we were on a more relaxed schedule, we slept in our own beds and Stampin' Up! helped us feel part through the live streaming. We are lucky to have been before the previous two years and we knew what we were missing out on! This is why the live streaming, the social media, the time together with combined products were so important to the 'feel' of our time together. 

We each picked Prize Patrol for when we hosted:
(You have to look inside the Tag a Bag Kit...
so many accessories to make our bags pretty!)
Imagine having friends that know exactly what you don't have, 
Then they step up your game and go and wrap it in some ribbon!

At convention they showcase product from the catalog, provide make n takes and loads of samples made by demonstrators around the word. You have the option to pre-make cards and card fronts for organized and unorganized swapping. This year the pressure of making these were off our plate, but sadly that meant we were not coming home with samples to share with you our crafty friends or with each other.  We decided that we would CASE together at our own paces and with the tools we had.  So we lived on Google & Pinterest, and as I love to do... we Copied And Shared Everything! 

The first two days we completed four CASE's per day and so while we included many other activities in our day this meant on our last day we wanted MORE!  So we (equals Me, Myself and I) set a goal of 8 cards for our last day and knew it would be tough... But we exceeded our goal and completed our mission with 9 cards!!! Sadly, there were more that we wanted to make but... Time and energy goes int making a CASE your own. We each have talents we bring to the table, some of us tie better bows, some of us add dimension, some of us sparkle, and never at the same time! Lorraine kept filling our cups with caffeine and we kept CASEing into the night! 

***We must break into the sharing of beautiful cards
to announce that we had to liven up the music
 and pull our hair up about this time***
When this happens we get serious and the last five cards were made in different environment 📀💿 music, 💙💙💙 and loads of caffeine!

CASE #9 from page 129 in the Annual Catalog:

Now this is where my weekend came to an end, 
I was tired and although one more day of stamping is always on my agenda, 
I wanted to get home to enjoy my family.
(These two probably kept on stamping... die hards!)
We said our goodbyes, hugged like we knew it would be a while til we saw each other and our three days together came to a close!

Lucky to have been blessed with the time I shared with these amazing ladies and to have the friendships that without Stampin' Up! I would never have experienced! We each have gifts, life experience, a strong sense of faith, families and talents that we share... But the bond of true friendship can go an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, years and still reconnect and inspire us to share our love, time, and families with each other... And yes together we make pretty things! 
We are blessed to have each other and each day that passes we will continue to have each other's back, celebrate our ups and pray in our downs, and always offer support for our abundance of stamping supplies, tools and issues!

Thanks for joining us on our journey AKA: #sharethefunstaycation2015!

Now go make a card, gift a card or hug your family, pets and friends because life is short and each day we get to live id a blessing and how we chose to live it is ours... Handstamped, handmade means more to me now than it ever has... Because with each CASE it ties us together.   Until the three of us gather again individually or among friends... I declare a huge Hug! 


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