Saturday, August 15, 2015

Emoji CASE

Do you have a friend like my friend Anita?
She has been on a roller coaster of friendships with me.... We met at church, we have known each other for at least ten years. We have had our ups and a few downs.  More ups... Her wedding was fun, planing a community garden plot another, learning to cook curry and make roti, a love of dogs, sharing once in a lifetime experiences with my kids and so much more! 

 We have disagreed on a few things too... But to call it fair... We have advocated for each other too. Cheers for new jobs, accomplishments, milestones and tears for loss of loved ones and when we moved away. She did not let us go easily, she was that one friend that pulled up with her truck and loaded up and delivered a load to our new home, she bought our first plant for our new garden, she knew my new garden was empty of bulbs so she dug hers up and split them with me, she listened to my kids play instruments, atrended school performances and had been a main outside supporter of my charity work whether it was Relay for Life, GFWC, Girl Scouts, or hired me to make her Christmas cards. We are both people that let our emotions out first, maybe to a fault, but what do we care?  We both put as much effort in as we feel results and the Lord works in mysterious ways because the more he gives us the more blessed we are. 
One of Anita's good habits is how if she has the time she will drop by in her way through town, how when I call her because one of my kids ran away because they failed a class for the very first time, she dropped what she was doing drove two hours in traffic helped me wait that child out and tell her that we all fail at stuff but you can't run away you have to get back up and succeed! 
On one drop by day she and her hubby Tom filled a mug full of flowers from her bountiful garden. A small gesture of kindness that was a blessing. I had not seen her in months, life was busy and time was short for both of us. Yet, her small pit stop created an interesting branch off of our friendship. You see the yellow smiling mug became a game. If we could not always see each other we would at least fill our Friendship Cup and randomly leave it on the others doorstep, or stop for quick chats and hugs.  She has blessed me with bounty from her garden, and I have returned with the same or I have cheated and hit the Enchnated Florist and the ladies there will fill my cup and I know they have picked blooms that will last forever!

This the cup was last delivered to me months back, before the summer began. I forgot it on a day I dropped by..her home . It was on my countertop back home yelling for me. But I was too busy to remember it. Or so I thought... Another visit in June, then a run in in July and still I forgot that darn Friendship Cup.
Yesterday she and I had a day planned to go to a tea room. While my intentions were to just return that cup filled with candy that has diminished over the summer, I decided to refill or refuel that mug. I bought a second bag of Kisses and made a few Cards to accompany the mug!

I came across the inspiration via Pinterest, but when you click on her link... You will see that the creative woman also gave tips and directions so you too can create your very own Emoji cards
Here they are on my craft space:

You Made My Day

I Heart You

Happiness Always

To You From Me

All together: 

Do you have a friend that you can share all the Emoji Faces with and still call them a friend? Well I have to brag that I have a few... But Anita has taken the cake on more than her share.. That rollercoaster of life of hers can be summed up with Emoji's.

Supplies used to make my Emoji CASE's
Basic Black Cardstock, Whisper White Cardstock, Daffodil Delight Cardstock, scrap paper from my pile of possibilities,  Circle Punches, And Many More stamp set, the Brick Wall Embossing Folder, Mini Heart Punch, and a few Stampin' Dimensional's. 

Happy Saturday!

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