Sunday, August 9, 2015

Play date turned surprise party...

Jeanne & Kathy Jo Surprised me GOOD!

I am blessed to have a few friends that agree to play dates...
You know the kind where you seriously play!
Play with all the toys and tools that make things pretty!
I am not talking makeup!
I'm talking stamping and crafting tools. 

Jeanne and Kathy Job are angels in my play group of friends,
I confide where my technique weakness lies and they've found a solution or two or three for me!!!
Friday morning I was up early,
over packed and ready for Kathy Jo to pick me up by 0630.
She pulled up,
popped her trunk,
 I threw in my bags,
waved goodbye to my family...
smiling from ear to ear!
The drive was about catching up,
hearing about grandkids,
giggling over silly things that kids do,
and filled with anticipation for I was about to learn to....
Da.. Da.. Dun:
Its not my thing,
I have periods of trying new techniques
but when I fail
I give up!
Kathy Jo and Jeanne
are very talented and promised to fix my issues!
When we arrived in Manteca...
it felt like home
(I lived there for 14 years... so much has changed and yet has stayed the same)
I love the people!
I miss my church, my friends and my regular spots!
(I will admit to a stop at Del Taco or Weinerschnitzle... there are more must stops)
today was a focused playdate
Jeanne & Jim welcomed us with huge hugs,
a house that smelled like heaven
a table set with flowers,
pencils, pens, crayons, and paints.
The flowers were for me,
Jeanne found me a set of pencils,
she bought me some Gamisil,
pre cut some glossy, matte and water color papers
and guided me on how to use Tortillons!
(Mackenzie has a ton of these, I find them all the time at home)
Followed by:
A cup of the famous Murchie tea!
A slice of coffee cake and a phone call turned FACETIME adventure with some cutie patooties!
We jumped into sharing projects and cards we had each done since talking last...
as I played with each medium...
when you have friends to cheer you on!
A few months back Kathy Jo shared a video where a foam sheet was used as a mat.
She shared that with the group and she and Jeanne pulled out all the tools to add dimension!
Here are a few photos of all we tried:
We each used pencils.. I used my NEW LYRA set!
Gretchen made this card... Going to case this! 
(Took photos of inside and instructions!)
Jeanne shared her tools to make this!! 

Here is my loot... going to make these into cards today:
Of course we looked through the Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalog...
more than a few times...
we picked what I should order now...
and what they will order September 1st!
We took a lunch break for BLT's
and a huge slice of Pineapple Angelfood Cake.
So yummy!
Our day came to a close as KJO and I needed to return home...
but here are my completed projects!
Thank you Jeanne, Jim and Kathy Jo!
Love you all!
Blessed to call you friends/family!

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