Saturday, August 1, 2015

The morning after... The Redneck BBQ

Oh my goodness, the things we do for charity! When I say FUN I mean it... Even though we did not find a couch and toilet for the front lawn... We did get a little decor around the back yard that created a sense of fun that had us all fall into character! 

As I have often bragged before I am a member of GFWC Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club. It is a large group of ladies that tackles many projects to support our local communities, state, and international projects. Each member has their gifts and passions and this allows us to work together to accomplish a common goal. We try very hard to keep the overhead low. Each year we have our own personal fundraiser that is not for the tax write offs... It's to boost our administrative fund. That way all we raise all year long does goes directly to the cause. 

Our Talent Auction was designed just for this purpose! In the past I have bid and won  zoo packages, theater tickets, hand seen kitchen towels, holiday centerpieces, gift cards, plants, photography and more. I have always donated plants, handmade cards, and this past year I joined my friend. Lisa and we also donated a elegant brunch. It was a success so we wanted to offer more and we, ok I decided that we would offer a Redneck BBQ. I thought giving it a fun theme would add some trashy yet classy touches! 

If you meet Lisa you will see that she is a fun and kind hearted person that rarely says no! Kinda reminds me of myself only she makes me a better person! She and I threw the day together with ease, and although we did not have the full 12 guests that we offered to feed we had 7 guests that brought smiles, laughter and fun to our night. 
The favors...

The backyard take one:

More ...

Check out the flowers aka weeds we picked!

A lounge area!

Must feed the birds!

Found the lights and the fly strip at OSH!

Did a majority of the shopping at Walmart!

Had to put this on the front door...

These two are so silly!

Told ya!

Matthew tp'd the yard with these stremers... I had these in our party decor bucket for 15 years.. Score!

Star usually occupies the lounge chairs! 

A few of our guests getting the pre- BBQ snacking on! 

We raised some money for a great cause,  yummy drinks, ate some grub and laughed! 


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