Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy 21st Birthday Mackenzie

Woo Hoo! It's Your Birthday! 

Your 21st Birthday!
Time to celebrate and sip a drink, then tell me what you think!

All these years from birth:

To your first car: 

And from your first birthday:
To today! 

Happy Birthday my oldest child, my first love, my strong willed, soft hearted, super silly Mackenzie Noodle! 

Watching you grow is both a blessing and a honor. I have not always been the best parent, and I may not tell you enough... But... I Love You! 

Turing 21 means I am old, you are legal to consume alcohol (I know you are not too keen on this idea because you think it stinks... But you may change your mind!) and this brings you into a new phase of your life! Love life fully, but when you are not sure call me... I am here for you! If you drink do not drive, if your friends drink do not let them drive, if you get into trouble call me!  You are still so young and I want you to enjoy every step... Just be sure that whatever you do, choose or become it makes you happy! 

Love ya!

Ps don't spend your money all in one place, unless it's in an education or stamping supplies because with those you can go far!

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