Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve with the Raiders

I know what you are thinking?
SEAHAWK FAN sharing an ornament from another team?
Well, Yes... we are attended the Christmas Eve game against the Chargers..
My oldest Mackenzie and I were freezing!

We live in the Bay Area,
The Raiders have provided my husband with OT for the past 15 years.
This year he had to work on Christmas Eve,
since we have missed many holidays with him,
we decided to go and sit in his view and enjoy the game!
Yes, our tickets crossed out the amount of OT he earns ...
but spending the day with him,
my in laws & doing something we have never done will be worth it!

My SIL, Hubby, & BIL

Captain Brady gave us an escort into the parking lot,
a long time friend, and the nicest guy you will ever meet.

The family all in front of the Bearcat...
you may recall me sharing the story a few years back
where my hubby drove this home from the manufacturer
and ate his way home through the Midwest!

Commander Wright took the time to pose with us too!
He is a Cancer survivor, awesome father, and amazing mentor to my hubby!

That's my hubby...

My kids and my hubby!

He even stopped to pose with me...
he looks so cold!

So it was our first Raider game EVER,
I was puked on in the first 3 minutes,
the game was off the hook,
the fans were loud
even though the
weather was FREEZING!

The Raider's won in OT:

I may not go back again without my husband,
he missed out working while we rocked out in the stands.
Hope the Raiders stay in Oakland so we can enjoy another game!


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