Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Friendships: Renee Fink

This Friday Friendship is Renee Fink:

She is a tried and true, friend to the end!
We met about 10 years ago at a Manteca Junior Women's Club Meeting.
I was invited as a prospective member and she was an officer that made me feel welcome.
I joined the club and she guided me through my first year of
Pumpkin Bread Baking... 24 hours long!
She was a master at juggling 5 ovens filled to the brim with loaves of pumpkin bread.
While I am not a fan of Pumpkin, 
I will do anything for charity...
so I joined in running the beaters
mixing bowl after bowl of the secret recipe!

We then bonded over more charity work,
she helped me gain confidence to take charge of the bread making the following year.
(I was trusted to be in charge of the ovens)

She joined my family on our annual Relay for Life Weekends.
She always came after hiking in Yosemite.
When you spend time with people you find out their secrets...
Renee loves nature,
and every year she heads up to Yosemite for a opening hike,
she follows the first with many more...
only my family and I wanted to join her too.
We had NEVER been but once,
due to a huge cloud of mosquitos we turned our car around.

So lucky us...
we gained Renee as a close family friend and hiking guide.
 Our first trip we were in awe...
our second trip >>> Renee found us warm weather

Our third hike:
She found us a beautiful lake to hike around.

Our family loves to hike now thanks to her, we do annual family trips:

 Renee challenged me to a hike to the top of Yosemite Falls.
This challenge required me to train with small hikes for a few months to build up my strength and stamina... We were able to fall in love with local trails this way and this still sticks with our family!
I made it ... and there are no bathrooms!

We are here, overlooking the valley... Renee has helped me with my fear of heights!

I am hanging on for dear life without my coach beside me...
After this, I practically ditched Renee as I ran back down the mountain heading straight to the bathroom!  Relief and a Beer was waiting!  My family was there to cheer us on!

My family loves Renee,
and she continues to support us..
She joined in on Mackenzie's High School Graduation.

Renee has an amazing son and he has started his family and I get to share in that too:
Here is Renee's Granddaughter Harlee... 
she is two and such a little angel!

Renee and I also share a love of Stampin' Up! 
She and I attended Convention together 
we drove to Utah together and had a blast.
We were pooped out after all the excitement,
but it really was inspiring!

Thankful for my friend Renee,
her support, and encouragement gets me through the good and the bad!


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