Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas Wishes from the GFWC Dublin/San Ramon Women's Club

Last night was a blast.
Every time  I get together with these ladies we have a great time!

Lisa is my Co-Chair Extraordinaire and she makes all things pretty:

I was in charge of games... 
I made six snowballs:
The balls were willed with yummy holiday chocolates, candy canes and peppermints. 
Then they were spread around the room. 
Six dice were also given to the persons sitting to the right of the snowball,
the dice rollers rolled until they got a 1 or a 3,
and the snowball handlers had to try and unravel the ball to get to the treats.
When the person rolled a 1 or a 3 the snow ball was passed on and the dice were too,
this all happened at the same time around the room and it becomes a big fight!
We had 13 additional prizes of spruced up trees, Italian Pine trees, and Poinsettias.

We met at Frankie Johnny and Luigi Too in Dublin, California.
With over 13 items to choose from on their catering menu...
we were all spoiled and filled to the brim.

Here are some candid shots of my Federated Sisters and our Significant Others:
President Joan Ernst, Virginia Woy, and Bonnie Andreasen,
three of the most graceful women you will ever know!

Roberta Faria, Shirley Hensen and Arlene Silvas. 
These three are always serving and smiling!

Marianne & Richard Posadas
Children of:
Martha & Jerry Pittore... she is always an angel, he tries to act like trouble but has a heart of gold!

Fay & Sheryn... both are amazing with numbers and have hearts of gold!

Charlotte & George Zika

Jerry also happens to be the brother of our member Amy Martini!

So here we are: Barb Ellul, myself, Linda Ferris, and Lisa Crowley, all girlfriends, and club members that are up to fun... Barb bought me a selfie stick for Christmas and would you believe I forgot it and my phone at home.  SO we stole my hubby's and tried to pull it off... we ended up giggling more than anything! I love these ladies so much!

In the back row is Ginger, Roberta and Julia.
In the front row is Vera, Lois and Gerry Johnston.
Lois is the mother of Ginger, and Sister of Vera...
we like to keep it all in the family!

Sheryn & Ed McKenna...
I love how he looks at her, as if she is the most special!
She is, but he loves her so much we can feel it!

Group Photo:
Back is Charlotte, Vera, Patti, Shirley, Virginia, Roberta, Jeannie, Phyllis
Front: Lisa, Pat, Jan and Myself!

Carol & Richard... still newlyweds!

Raleigh and Patty Wills!

Virginia & Dan Castillo!

The Dogherty Valley High School Chamber Singers... AMAZING!

A peek at our ladies and the start of our meal!

My hubby & Lisa's Hubby at the bar...
refilling our drinks and avoiding photos!
Caught Ya!
Adela & Bob Cook!

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday party with only 65 people,,, we have over 90 members so we are sad when we do not get everyone together, but we love to share stories, smiles and love!
My husband says this will be us in 30 years,
I want him to know this is us now...
and if in 30 years I can accomplish all that these ladies have...
that would be the greatest gift of all!
Merry Christmas!

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